Starting a Sewing Hobby: Sewing Machine Basics

Sewing is a great hobby. There’s nothing like working with Singer or Elna sewing machines to create clothes that can be so relaxing. It’s a great way to express your creativity and save money at the same time.

However, you’ll have to start out somewhere. You’ll need to make your pick among Elna sewing machines and more for that initial purchase. Beyond that, there are still things to think about. Here’s a brief guide to ensure that you’re using it right.


sew3The first step in sewing is getting a good sewing machine. Elna sewing machines are a good choice, but there are others you can buy. The great thing about modern times is that online stores are there to give you a wide range of choices. In the past, a store only had one or two brands. With the Internet, you can get a wider range.

What you have to consider when buying is that you’re buying a home sewing machine for a hobby. Heavy duty sewing machines tend to be a lot more expensive. Find a sewing machine that will fit in your budget easily.

There are other factors to consider. One is the type of stitches that they can deliver. Some sewing machines can make 200 types of stitches – you probably won’t even need a quarter of those. Another factor is the length of the stitch, what motor they use, and how loud it is.

Sewing machines for beginners tend to be pretty low-end and have lesser features, but are very functional. You’re still learning after all.

First Steps

Once you’ve managed to buy a sewing machine, it’s time to actually use it. It should be very simple to use. You’ll want to get familiar with the various parts of the sewing machine. Starting from the power switch to the stitch adjustment lever, you’ll want to know what each part does.

Being familiar with the parts, you then set it up properly. This includes placing the bobbin and needle in the right place. The operation of the machine should be pretty simple. Most of it just involves running the cloth through the feed.

Do some practice runs and stitches. This ensures that you are familiar with it before getting serious.


A sewing machine needs supplies. For supplies, you’ll want several fat quarters of fabric. Buy some with your initial purchase so you have something to practice on. Next, you’ll also want to buy several bobbins of thread.

With this initial set, you should be able to take the first steps into the hobby.

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