Landscape Design and Construction in Sydney: Different Kinds

Landscaping designs and constructions beautify outdoor spaces. The combination of the creation of landscape design and construction elements infuse vibrancy to gardens and other kinds of outdoor spaces. Therefore, it’s important that these elements go hand in hand in existence in outdoor spaces. Below are the different kinds of landscape designs and constructions:

Landscape Designs

  • English Garden Style 

The English Garden Style is associated with designs of shrubs and perennials that are perfect partners for the architectural elements of homes. Shrubs and perennial designs enhance people’s feeling of becoming one with nature. Landscape design and construction become complete, thanks to varying designs for outdoor spaces. 

  • Oriental Landscape Style 

The usual designs of outdoor spaces in Asia are depicted in this landscape design. This design comprises water, rocks, and evergreens, with varying kinds of plant designs to produce unique concepts. Landscape design and construction become monotonous without diverse landscaping styles. 

  • Woodland Landscape Style

This landscape style depicts the original means of fauna forms on the wooded parts of the garden. Woodland landscape design depicts fewer manicured looks than most of the other designs. Landscape designs with a lesser number of manicured looks require minimal maintenance. 

  • Formal Landscape Style 

The formal style of landscaping comprises symmetrical patterns, straight lines, and exact geometric-shaped structures, that have accompanying neat and properly pruned plants. Topiary designs are common sights of finished projects of this type of landscape design. A substantial amount of maintenance is necessary for a formal landscape. 

  • Informal Landscape 

Informal design covers projects with plant bed materials that have curved edges. Plants associated with this landscape design are presented in what appear to be random patterns. Playspaces are mostly built largely in size. This kind of design for landscape projects is ideal for play spaces for children. 

Landscape Constructions: 

  • Softscape Landscaping

Softscape landscaping refers to construction services that involve plants and similar components. These landscape construction materials include grass, annuals, perennials, and shrubs. This type of landscaping construction involves analysis of the architecture with the use of flower bed installations, a lawn, a yard, or a garden. 

  • Hardscape Landscaping

Hardscape landscaping construction refers to different types of stonework projects. Examples of these projects are garden installation retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, barbeques, fire pits and fireplaces, patios, pool decks, fencing, and other similar structures. Water structures are examples of stonework projects, as well. Forms of water structures include, but, are not limited to, fountains, dry riverbeds, and waterfalls. 

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