Hotels are Great for Business Trip Accommodation but Short Stay Accommodation in Sydney is Giving a Better Option

business_Short_stay2It’s no secret that a traveling businessman/businesswoman has different accommodation needs compared to other Sydney travelers. Most of his/her time is spent meeting clients and conferencing. A short stay serviced accommodation in Sydney offers valid reasons why it is the perfect accommodation for a traveling businessman/businesswoman in Sydney.

Great locations

Traveling businessman/businesswoman’s primary reason for traveling to Sydney is to do business. Sydney commercial and business district is where many business headquarters are located, and short stay serviced accommodation in Sydney are usually located near or within Sydney’s CBD. Many of these accommodations are near restaurants and dining places, which offer ambience and quiet surroundings conducive to business hubs. Most are near public transport and providing easy access and great mobility for a traveler who’s moving around most of the time. Several Annandale apartments for example are located in Sydney’s CBD and near The Harbour Bridge and the Quay area where there are rows of Sydney’s finest watering hole to provide after-work beer and cocktail drinks.

Great value for money

Short stay serviced accommodation in Sydney has facilities and amenities comparable to 5-star hotels, so a traveling businessman gets real value for his money. A unit usually has spacious living area that can double as work or office area for a traveling businessman. Some units have patios or provisions for car that can be used for entertaining clients or for small business meeting or conference so he saves money for renting conference or office space and that gives real value for money spent for an accommodation in Sydney. On the other hand, furnished apartments for rent in Inner Sydney have kitchen provision and several appliances to keep a businessman well-provided with all of his needs especially when he likes cooking his own food or when he likes entertaining friends and clients.

Easy booking

Short stay accommodation in Sydney including the serviced and furnished are managed and owned by property specialists in Sydney who are experts in providing accommodations to all types of travelers and among their expertise is providing easy booking.  Bookings are done online and there are no hidden fees and charges. Rates are either on weekly or monthly basis with refund provisions. A traveling businessman upon arrival is met with an assigned agent who will explain all rules and who hands in the key and assures him the unit is his home away from home in Sydney while on a business trip.

Hotels are great Sydney accommodation however short stay accommodation is now giving traveling businessmen a better option while on a Sydney business trip.

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