Finding Your Best and Perfect Jeans

Finding it hard shopping for your perfect jeans? The right pair surely will make you feel taller, sexier and most of all happier says a personal style blogger. A perfect jean heavenly depends on body shape and sense of style. While there are now available cuts for every figure, the right approach is very important in getting your perfect jeans. Here are some ways to boost your shopping for that perfect jean.

Complementing body figure


A popular Sydney personal style blogger insists on choosing jeans that complements your body figure. Helen Chik, a fashion blogger herself advises women with apple shape or with curvy upper body to wear trouser jeans. This kind of jean has wider legs from hip to foot and creates illusion of proportion. For skinny jeans, she said is another option but must be paired with flowy top for a balanced look. High-rise jeans also look good on a curvy apple shape. Sydney fashion blogger Helen Chik added women with pear shape body to get stretch denim with long inseams to give them a sleek silhouette. This type of jean also elongates legs. Women with athletic shape can opt with flair or bootcut jeans for some curves on thighs and backside. Boyfriend jeans look great on boyish or supermodel shape. Petite legs on the other hand should stay away from low-rise jeans and opt instead for high-waist super skinny jean to elongate short torso or legs.

Try jeans before buying

Before considering of buying the jeans, try it first. Helen Chik has reasons why. First, manufacturers and designers’ jeans size their jeans differently so your size may not be the same with all brands. You should also pick out a range of brands and styles to the dressing room and try each before the mirror to give you an idea on what reflects your personal style and which brand and style flatters you most.  A Travel fashion blogger advises to pack jeans that fit you completely to look best and comfy while on the road and trying them before buying ensures you’ll be wearing jeans that fit you good and well.

Women in general spend to look good and those with money hire personal stylist while the smart ones rely on personal style blogger for trusted advises on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. If you think, you still need some advises on finding the perfect jeans, simply log in to your favorite personal stylist sites, and get the advice straight and free.

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