3 Daring Predictions on the Next Decade of Web Design

The COVID-19 pandemic capped off a decade of what some would claim as the “Golden Age of Web Design”. Since the introduction of the internet to the public in 1993, web design in Sydney has seen unprecedented growth. Web or IT departments used to occupy the smallest spaces in an office. Today, they are now massive firms handling some of the biggest clients in the world. We’ve witnessed how websites evolved from HTML and Flash-based designs to more complex scripts done today. This evolution is also a sign of how websites have grown to become the most important marketing tool for any business today.

The pandemic has already forced many Australian businesses to go online as the weakness of the brick-and-mortar business model has been exposed by the virus. With more people staying at home, the economy has fully gone digital, driving up demand for web design agencies. But as we enter a new decade, what could 2021 hold for the future of web design? Here are some daring ideas your business may soon consider.

Goodbye passwords

Websites today are more powerful and intuitive than ever. But despite the innovations made in the past 10 years, one thing still hasn’t changed – passwords. One of the biggest challenges in the IT industry is how to create a safer and more secure internet without having to rely on passwords that are prone to hacking and other malicious online threats. (Add the fact that we often forget passwords.) There are web designs in Sydney experimenting with biometrics for websites, similar to those used in smartphones. 

AR integration

Today, businesses treat websites more than just a digital flyer or brochure. With advanced coding, immersive experiences can be achieved virtually and we’ll see more of this in the next few years. AR or augmented reality is already on the horizon with Pokemon Go! being the first app to commercially expand the future of AR. Soon enough, web designs in Sydney will also be taking AR as part of web content to further engage clients and customers. Content will no longer be just read or watched, but experienced in a virtual environment as well.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With 5G pushing the boundaries of data transmission, we’re looking at a near-future where every object will be interconnected by the blanket called the internet. Smart homes, smart offices, and smart cities are already on the rise with South Korea leading the way. Alongside this is the role of design firms to up their game when it comes to responsive web design. We’re not just talking about websites that are mobile-friendly anymore. Soon, websites will conform to almost any IoT object, enabling users to access web content not only through computer screens and smartphones but on other smart devices as well. 

Competition is high in web designing in Sydney. We prove to lead. 

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