A-List of Shots to Include in Your Wedding Photography in Sydney

The busy and hectic schedule of planning a wedding may be overwhelming. You and your significant other may be at a loss as to which images are important to capture in photos during the big day. Take it from the experts, as below is a list of nuptial shots that many professional Sydney wedding photographers consider noteworthy of taking: 

  1. Engagement pictures 

A means for you and your soon-to-be spouse to become comfortable working with a photographer is to have an ice breaker. Sydney wedding photographers initiate small personal conversations to make clients feel at ease during the initial sessions of photoshoots. There’s no better way to have these sessions than when you have your engagement pictures taken. 

  1. Pre-ceremony images  

Inform your photographer to arrive early at the wedding venue. Wedding photographers are usually available to capture the pre-ceremony pictures at package prices. So, you and your significant other don’t have to worry about paying an additional fee for pre-ceremony photography. 

Pre-ceremony images may include pictures of the wedding invitation, wedding program, bride’s and groom’s wardrobes, and accessories, wedding rings, corsages, and bridal bouquets. 

  1. Preparations at the bridal suite 

The bridal suite is where the bride and her entourage prepare for the nuptial ceremony. The members of the entourage add colour and life to weddings. Wedding photography is not complete without these people in it. Inspire the members of your entourage to smile, and look lively during the big day. Doing so can make you and your guests happier, too. 

  1. Preparations of the groom and the members of his entourage 

To balance things out, the wedding preparations of the groom and his entourage are to be captured in photos, too. Make comparisons on the differences between women and men prepare for weddings by viewing these wedding photos after they are taken. 

  1. First meeting just before the wedding 

Some couples want to see each other after a bit of time apart when it’s already time to tie the knot. Others want to meet a few hours before the wedding takes place. Many Sydney wedding photographers are amenable to taking even first meeting photo shoots, just before the nuptial ceremonies take place. 

  1. Cocktails at the reception 

Of course, you and your soon-to-be spouse want to preserve the happiest memories from your big day. Photos of your guests having fun during cocktails are among these unforgettable scenes you’ll want to be captured in images. 

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