3 Ways to Literally Keep the Roof Over Your Heads This Summer

Summer is back in Australia and as early as November, temperatures have been soaring to as high as 40C just this past weekend. Surely, roofing specialists in Sydney are on the lookout for homeowners seeking to upgrade, repair, or replace their roofs given that we’re faced with a more challenging and erratic climate. Extreme heat can severely damage a roof and cause discomfort for families living indoors while too much rainfall can also cause roof leaks.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology and the NSW Rural Fire Service is already monitoring the climate outlook for December 2020 to March 2021. As you recall, it was in the same months last year when Sydney was caught in the middle of a horrible chain of bushfires that swept across the continent’s east coast. This year, however, more rain is predicted as the global climate slides to a La Nina season. The agency predicted a wetter and hotter summer this year. It is but wise to prepare your roofs for this by following these reminders.

Check for clogged gutters

Summer is the best time to check your roof and gutters. While new roofs barely need an inspection, aging ones will require some inspection. Especially when your home is surrounded by trees, it is best to check for dry leaves, they may have already clogged your gutters. Some gutters are also prone to rust so it’s also good to check the corners and edges. Animals like rodents or birds may also be inhabiting your gutters so be careful! When in doubt, there are Sydney roof and gutter experts that can help you sort things out.  They can also help you with roof cleaning so you’ll have more peace of mind during this hot and wet season.

Inspect for roof leaks or damage

Roofs that are often prone to damage are those made from shingles or tiles. Extreme weather and the usual wear and tear can slowly chip away at your roof tiles or shingles without you even noticing it. This can lead to roof leaks or roof damage when the rain comes and worse, it will seep into your insulation and ceiling boards which exacerbates the amount of damage to your home. Take a preventative stance and a roofing specialist in Sydney as soon as you see signs of wear and tear.

Consider heat-reflecting paint

Those who live in the western suburbs of Sydney may experience higher temperatures than usual. If you are residing in this area, do consider applying heat-reflecting paint on your rooftops. Roofs, especially those made from steel sheets are not so good at keeping your house cool in the summer. The situation can get worse if you do not have sufficient insulation in your ceiling. The heat will be trapped indoors and your home will turn into a convection oven in the summer. It is best to consult roofing contractors in Sydney so you can make your living more bearable during the hotter months.

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