Safety Signs at the Workplace – Helping Companies Protect their Best Assets


It’s the duty of every company to protect its facility as well as the workers using it. With injury resulting from workplace accidents, companies must do everything possible to keep workers safe as well as the workplace. Guide signs, warning and safety signs should be posted in areas where workers’ safety is at risks. Following OSHA standards also lead to safer workplace and at protecting workers’ productivity and company’s profitability.

Use of safety signs

Depositphotos_126076928_s-2015OSHA laws require companies to enact policies and procedures to protect workers and facilities as well. The use of safety signs is a standard procedure applies at workplace. Warning, safety, traffic, and guide signs are placed at workplace while workers carry out their works at the facility. Safety signs usage is also training and safety OSHA compliance so that workers can handle emergency incident. Companies dealing with hazardous chemicals and equipments use warning signs to warn of hazards or hazardous conditions. Such safety signs use warning sign wordings and usually in black lettering on a yellow background. Warning signs use hazard symbols with a triangle. Fire is a workplace incident that had claimed many lives and fire signs are used to protect workers. Fire signs are used to show the locations of fire-fighting equipments such as fire extinguishers, alarms and hose reels. Some fire signs available in safety signs online also have blankets that have standard white on red background or using text in photo-luminescent.

Use of danger signs and labels

Companies must also encourage workers’ compliance as well as their stakeholders and visitors. To make compliance easy, they must use signs and labels for indoor or outdoor to remind workers and visitors to comply in order to stay safe. Guide signs also proved information in case of emergency situations. Labels on the other hand are for identification purposes at company’s specific needs. Food industries use labels using their own templates and designs to warn consumers from allergies. Workplace safety signs also warn of restricted areas and activity such as running or smoking. A sign with the word danger is enclosed in a red oval with warning symbol inside a rectangle shaped signage. Industries involved in fuel storage, radiation, high voltage, flammable materials and chemicals use industrial signs depicting danger. Display of such signs help prevent accidents resulting to injuries.

Workers are company’s best assets and they should be protected so that they work with the best of their abilities and in helping their organization achieve success.

Safety or warning signs are essential in the workplace for everyone’s safety.  Have these important signs. Visit

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