Freelancers, Web Development Company or Digital Agency: Best Option for Web Design


Business owners understand that they need a website if they wanted to offer their products or services online. On top of this, a website also functions as a cheap way to conduct online marketing. For this need, you are given the option to hire the services of the following – freelancers, web development company or digital marketing agency Sydney. Which is the best option? Take a look at the comparison below.



Those who want to save can simply hire the services of a freelancer. Their asking price is oftentimes a lot less expensive than that of a web development company or a digital marketing agency Sydney. Another advantage to hiring a freelancer is that you will only be working with a single person, where you don’t have to re-explain yourself if you needed some edits.

However, there are cons that you need to consider. Most often than not, freelancers have a day job, sometimes in a digital marketing Sydney, to help them pay the bills. This means that they may only be able to work on your website during their free time, which could compromise the quality of your website. Because of time constraints, your website may take a while to finish too.

Web Development Company

A web development company is often owned by a seasoned web developer who might at one point started out as a freelancer. By now, he has teamed up with other developers and transitioned to offering their services as a business entity. They also can afford to have some of the new web developers as their employees, which basically mean that they can finish your website quicker.

Compared to that of a freelancer, you can expect for these businesses to charge higher rates. And unlike that of a digital agency Brisbane, they are not often adept at online marketing. You may have to do the marketing yourself or hire someone else for this job.

Digital Agency

Digital agencies in comparison are a one-stop shop that offers varied types of services. Consider this a fusion of a web development company and a marketing agency. Aside from creating your website, they can help you with branding, PR, market research, social media management, and so much more. They also have a ton of choices when it comes to web design.

The Best Choice?

The answer to this would depend upon your needs. If you need to save, hire a freelancer. If you know online marketing and don’t need help in this area but are in need of a website fast, hire a web developer. If you need help in web development and online marketing at the same time, choose a digital marketing agency Sydney.

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